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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AaronFoster Murder Barb Winn Freedomlawschool

Click here: Sharon4Council Apology if in duplicate the undersign has Standing to Amicus in this Murder Case, by information and belief the x wife of Aaron Foster is Lisa Martin, acting in concort with city officials DSI Director Bob Kessler to steal Sharons Car,Trailer etc. as Aaron Foster is out without Bail in a Murdr Case apparantly still working at the St. Paul Policer Impound fLot to STEAL OUR CARS, THEN RATIFY ILLEGAL ASSESSMENTS ON YOUR PROPERTY TAXES TO CONFISCATE PRIVATE PROPERTY.
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Sharon4Council: DLJ Managment v. City St. Paul A06-2118,Money Laundering Sharon-E-Dem-fcc
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Subject:[FreedomLawSchool] Aaron Foster Murder Barb Winn 20Mar08
Date:3/18/2008 2:06:07 P.M. Central Daylight Time
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