Sharon4MNAG is humbled by MN Turnout 4 All Races Please be so apprised that the new Laws http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx...
MS204B.06 sub8 EXEMPT Judges,Co.Attrys,Sheriffs from Disclosure even tho all Licensed: PLEASE VOTERS Step by Step Challenge Your Canvass Boards so we do not have a 2008 Election Fraud Repeat.
Ramsey Co. Jo Mansky Stated He DID NOT CONSIDER Sharons pdf Vote

Canvass Board is Samo_Samo as 2008 Mark Oswald Election_Tax,Larry Dease 2nd Jud Court Admin,Mayor Coleman designee Clerk Shari Moore,Co. Board Reinhardt,Bennet meeting at Plato Blvd. State Canvass Mark Ritchie, 2 Sup.Justices,2Co Judges meeting next Tues 17Aug10

Ethics in Government Constiutional Guarantees of Separation of Church and State, Separation of Powers Are the voters mislead by Trial Lawyers and Sharons Opponent's R_Morman Bishop_Psyc_Barden and DFL Lori Swanson?